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From Coast Style Spring 2009
Exploring Cape Meares
Cape Meares is more than a lighthouse. Investigate trails, scenic viewpoints and spot wildlife with fur, feathers and fins. Spring is here and along with it the desire to shake off winter and wander outside for some fresh air exploration. With everything there is to do and see, the park at Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint makes for a perfect......[read more]
  • Attractions

    • Beachcomber's Bounty: The higher tides, bigger waves and stronger winds in autumn result in a bounty of new treasures waiting to be discovered. Appeared in Coast Explorer Fall/Winter 2014
    • Ask Oregon: Rainfall on the Coast: Coast Explorer publisher Gary Hayes answers questions from travelers as Travel Oregon's Oregon Coast Ambassador for the Ask Oregon program. Appeared in Coast Explorer Summer 2014
    • Bridging the Coast: A summer tour of the Oregon Coast Highway's distinctive bridges showcases the handiwork of State Engineer Conde B. McCullough, who believed bridges should be as elegant and enduring as they were economical. Appeared in Coast Explorer Summer 2014
    • Cape Lookout State Park: Reaching this scenic park, nestled near Netarts Bay along the Three Capes Scenic Route, is about the journey as much as the destination. Appeared in Online Extras Summer 2014
    • Living on the Edge: The Pacific Pelagic Cormorant is a common inhabitant along the Oregon's rocky coast, frequently nesting on the narrow shelves of the near-vertical cliffs that face the water. It is in these rugged refuges that the cormorants lay their eggs in nests made only of collected seaweed and guano. Appeared in Coast Explorer Summer 2014
  • Arts

    • Creating at the Coast: From painting and penciling to wool spinning and woodworking, summer art education opportunities abound on the Oregon Coast. Appeared in Coast Explorer Summer 2012
    • Landscape of an Artistic Journey: Painter Michael Schlicting was raised surrounded by art, but had to discover his own path to creativity. Appeared in Coast Explorer Fall/Winter 2011
  • Dining

  • Shopping

    • Coastal Outdoor Markets: It could be the season or the pioneer spirit; summertime on the coast is filled with outdoor markets bursting with farm fresh produce, locally made foods and crafts. Appeared in Coast Explorer Summer 2014
    • The Coast's Best Bookstores: In today's world of e-readers, successful bookstores are filling a void. On the Oregon Coast, four bookstores, with local-interest titles, cozy nooks and proprietors ready with suggestions, are havens for book lovers. Appeared in Coast Explorer Fall/Winter 2013
    • Timeless Toy Treasures: The coast offers toy shops that have a sense of nostalgia and promote imagination. Appeared in Coast Explorer Summer 2010
    • Hit the Shore for Coastal Decor: What better place than the beach to find your shore-related gifts and decor items? Appeared in Coast Explorer Fall 2009
    • A Store for All Reasons: At Village Merchants, enjoy big mall convenience with a village emphasis on uniqueness and top quality. Appeared in Coast Style Summer 2009
  • Living

    • Big Picture: Dog Days at the Beach: I spent the spring introducing a new friend to the spectacular coastline I love. Appeared in Coast Explorer Summer 2014
    • Eye-catching Designs for Perfect Patio Pots: Just as a garden can be a work of art, a well-designed container garden can be an attractive focal point on your patio, balcony, deck or doorstep. By selecting the right combination of thriller, filler and spiller plants you can create patio plantings with pizzazz. Appeared in Coast Explorer Summer 2014
    • Nature's Carpet for the Garden: Using moss in coastal gardens takes a cue from nature. Appeared in Coast Explorer Spring 2014
    • Looking Back: Siletz Basket Makers: Basket making is a Native American cultural tradition for the Siletz people on the Central Oregon Coast. Appeared in Coast Explorer Fall/Winter 2013
    • Style Set in Stone: Part of our unique Northwest style, informal and organic is the use of natural materials that accentuate the beauty of the region and reflect our environment. Appeared in Coast Explorer Fall/Winter 2013
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