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In Living Color
Published: 02/16/2010
A brightly colored nudibranch that can sometimes be found in coastal tidepools and at the Seaside Aquarium.
A brightly colored nudibranch that can sometimes be found in coastal tidepools and at the Seaside Aquarium.
courtesy of Seaside Aquarium

Colorful marine life can be seen in tide pools or at the Seaside Aquarium.

Beginning in the spring, when the surf calms and tides recede, nudibranchs (pronounced new-duh-branks), can be seen in tidepools of rocky intertidal areas along the coast. These colorful animals come in a fantastical array of colors with feathery appendages, from the orange spotted clown nudibranch, to the bright yellow sea lemon and the gray-brown sea mouse. "They're very beautiful," says Tiffany Boothe from the Seaside Aquarium. Look closely into tide pools to see these unique creatures or visit the aquarium for guaranteed sightings. "We often have a wonderful display of numerous species to show our visitors," adds Boothe. The Seaside Aquarium is located on the Prom, two blocks north of the Turnaround.

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