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Icons of the Oregon Coast You Shouldn't Miss
Published: 02/27/2015  Updated: 12/06/2018
Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon
Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon
Photo by Gary Hayes
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Travelers visiting the Oregon Coast will find the best sights and points of interest at these nine remarkable icons.

There are many famous attractions, both natural and man-made, that have become iconic of the Oregon Coast. A rock formation, that legend says is the face of a Native American princess, looks heavenward, rising from the waves to escape an evil ocean spirit. The power of the ocean is on full display as you watch thunderous waves pounding against rocks that have been carved over centuries into foaming cauldrons and fairy tale-worthy natural bridges. The skeletal remains of a shipwreck stranded on the beach for well over 100 years connect the past and present; and you can descend over 200 feet to peer into America's largest sea cave filled with boisterous sea lions. To help you start your awe-inspiring journey we've selected nine of these remarkable icons that are easily experienced as you tour this beautiful coastline. These Oregon Coast icons will surely inspire your sense of wonder. - By Beth Wise

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