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Top Shops in Astoria
Published: 10/07/2015  Updated: 02/12/2016
View of Commercial Street in downtown Astoria
View of Commercial Street in downtown Astoria
Photo by Beth Wise
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Downtown Astoria offers a shopping experience that reflects both the heritage and hipness of this coastal community

Forget the quintessential shopping experience! From bottles of Oregon wine and absinthe-scented lotion to vintage kimonos and wooden bow ties, Astoria's best shopping spots feature a litany of old and new products. We've hunted down the most interesting items on display in the downtown corridor (and in one out-of-the-way location) that represents both the heritage and the hipness of this coastal community.

Offbeat boutiques such as Cargo mingle with classic storefronts like Gimre's Shoes to create an Astoria shopping experience that's as diverse as the boats dotting the nearby Columbia River. Bright, fresh products bring a breath of fresh air to the oldest American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains, while historical merchandise anchors the local retailers to the unforgettable past of this community. Add a few of these finds to your shopping list the next time you're on the hunt for the perfect purchase. - By Kelsey Balensifer

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