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Vintage is Contemporary
Published: 06/08/2013
courtesy of Mullet Cabinet

Just as the economic climate fluctuates, decorating trends and tastes also shift directions.

Consumers are drawn to include something old or vintage in with a traditional, modern, transitional or other style. People want to feel comforted and a nod to the past can help do that. This mix of styles can work beautifully as seen in the island and rustic beam design in a modern kitchen.

Manufacturers continue to vie for first place in the consumer's eye and they are constantly improving on product. For instance, one of the latest products is the luxury vinyl tile or plank. Gone are the days of phony looking wood and tile imitations. These new products look so authentic they are constantly being mistaken for the real deal. Ease of maintenance and the durability afforded with these products makes them a "go to" product. Because of the warm, natural, textural look, many choose to have them installed throughout their entire home. Just add an area rug or two and you're set.

Wallpaper is back! But this is not your grandma's wallpaper. Think natural sand, recycled glass, flocked and metallics.

In the world of window coverings we have seen a swing to products that offer more UV protection. The rays can definitely do a number on your furniture and flooring if they are not protected. Screen shades have picked up popularity for that very reason. Plus they are minimalistic and stylish and fit in with any décor. Woven woods are chosen for their organic, rustic appeal, and never to go out of style are the cellular shades that offer many features, including light control, privacy, a wide array of color choices and ease of use.

Wool carpet is regaining popularity, especially for those who are conscious of the environment. The natural fiber brings luxury and performance to the floor in equal amounts. Features include a naturally soft hand, low luster level, high bulk, good color options and inherent flame-retardant characteristics. As the cost of nylon and other synthetic fibers continue to rise, the stable price of wool fiber carpeting is now a value.

- Deborah Lee is co-owner of Randall Lee's Flooring America in Seaside, Oregon - By Deborah Lee

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