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Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea
Published: 07/01/2013
Executive director of The Washed Ashore project and lead artist, Angela Haseltine Pozzi.
Executive director of The Washed Ashore project and lead artist, Angela Haseltine Pozzi.
Photo by Gary Hayes

Art made from marine debris is featured in an exhibit and educational project in Bandon, Oregon.

The Washed Ashore eco art project has been making waves throughout the Pacific Northwest with larger than life marine sculptures made of tidal debris. Now, the Washed Ashore Art to Save the Sea exhibit and educational project has found a home in Old Town Bandon's Harbortown Events Center through 2013.

From a distance, sculptures such as Henry the giant fish look like colorfully stylized fish, birds, and other marine life. Up close, sculptures reveal countless pieces of plastic, rubber, glass or metal reclaimed from nearby ocean beaches. The touchable, movable, musical Washed Ashore experience excites conversation about art as a medium for social awareness. Executive director and lead artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi even won a National Public Radio eTown E-Chievement Award for her creative approach to creating awareness of the issue of marine debris.

At the opening celebration for the Bandon installation, Pozzi thanked artists of all ages for their contribution to "artwork that sends a message about how important it is to change consumer habits and make the ocean and beaches a safer place for sea life and for us all."

Pozzi and her growing team of collaborative artists collect beach litter, especially plastic and styrofoam. Then they fashion sculptures. Dive into Washed Ashore with a visit to the exhibit or join an art workshop. Washed Ashore, Harbortown Events Center, 325 Second St SE, Bandon, (541) 329-0317.
 - By Geneva Miller

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